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Stanozolol is undoubtedly one of the most popular anabolic steroids ever made. Almost everyone knows it by name. This is an anabolic compound that has gained a lot of media attention through its history, and it was Stanozolol hormone that became famous during the 1988 Olympics when Ben Johnson lost his medal because of accusations surrounding the drug, and many players in Major League Baseball have also been linked to the compound.

Stanozolol is not an anabolic compound that a lot of people would think of as the traditional lean bulking steroid despite it being used by a lot of users to deal with muscle wasting diseases. For most athletes that are looking to get big, this is not the ideal drug. Most athletes will use it as an off-season bulking agent and because it can strongly reduce SHBG, allowing other hormones to be very effective, but remember, this isn’t very smart to do in practice. In theory, sure, it can work, but it won’t be great for your body. Stanozolol is not the most dangerous drug on the planet, but it’s not the most side-effect friendly. This is definitely best used by itself because it will provide users with the most advantages without the unnecessary baggage that some compounds can typically bring to the table.

Note: Females in the off-season can use it more effectively than males in the off-season. This is because women are more sensitive to the hormone and will definitely see more results than guys. However, there are better compounds than Winstrol to use in the offseason, so it’s better to save for different points in time.

It’s not easy to say whether or not cutting or athletic purposes are the best ways to use Stanozolol because it can truthfully be used for either one. This is a drug that tremendously increase strength and with minimal weight gain. This makes it really great for athletes, and strength doesn’t just mean pure power. It means power and speed, and when it comes to athletes, this is primarily what they need from a compound. Stanozolol is also capable of having a positive impact on tendons and bones, meaning that bone strength and tendon strength can see significant improvements. However, there are some people who complain that they have achy joints when using Stanozolol and many people claim that people who do any explosive sports shouldn’t take it for this reason. However, if you train properly, eat properly, and supplement and plan accordingly, this is a drug that can be used without any of the aforementioned problems. If those problems were really that prevalent with this compound, it would not be used by major athletes all over the planet throughout recent history.